5 Tips to make an epic movie night


Use these following tips to create a movie event everyone will enjoy! It’s affordable and one of the best ways to spend time with family!

1) Select a Movie

I remember those Friday nights “making it a Blockbuster night” with my family! But now in 2022, my kids don’t even know what a video store is! With all the streaming platforms, picking a movie should be a breeze. Or it might be harder! Pick a movie from either service you have. Amazon, Netflix, Disney +, Peacock, Hulu, or Redbox! Yup, Redbox is still around.

2) Theme

Your theme could be based off the movie that was selected. Some examples of a movie night theme is superhero, a certain decade, based off a food. The easiest way to theme your night is to go with whatever movie you are watching. If it is scary, make scary snacks.  If it is Toy Story, make sure you have pizza in honor of Pizza Planet! And make a vegan pizza for your friend who just can’t tolerate the dairy! Have fun with it and bring your theme out wherever you can.

3) Choose a Location

Location, Location, Location. Okay we aren’t talking about real estate but location is everything when it comes to holding the most epic movie night. Some great movie night locations are the den, bedroom, kids room, someone else’s home or you can hold a backyard movie night with some cute decorations.  Just set up your projector and you are good to go.

4) Make movie tickets

Making movie tickets is a creative way to set the scene. My kids love to pretend we are at the movies and hand out movie tickets for entry to the big show! Create a free account on Canva to create your ticket and make it as fancy as you want. Or you can simply cut out some rectangles on printer paper and write “Admit One”. Plenty of times my daughter creates our movie tickets. She uses white printer paper, a marker, and her creative freedom! She hands them out to everyone and they are collected before we can sit down for the movie.

5) Grab Snacks

Everyone loves snacks for movie night. Take your movie night to the next level with royal icing cookies, to match your theme. Check out these YouTube videos of my sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe to help you whip up cookies the whole family will love. Also subscribe to my YouTube while you are there!

Some other snacks: pizza, butter popcorn, caramel popcorn, twizzlers, various chocolate and fruity candies.

Vegan snack ideas for movie night: Skinny Pop popcorn, Mike and Ikes, fruit, hummus, crackers, and Sour Patch Kids.

Arrange cookies and snacks on a charcuterie board because they are popular and fun to eat from! Your epic movie night will be a crowd pleaser!

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